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GE Lunar Achilles Express Bone Ultrasonometer

GE Lunar Achilles Express Bone Ultrasonometer


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GE Lunar Achilles Express Bone Ultrasonometer

Complete exams with confidence in less that one minute.

Achilles Express® reports are concise and easy to interpret. The patient’s result is expressed as a T-score and as a percentage compared to the reference population. The results are also graphed against the reference population.


Evidence supports the calcaneus as the optimum peripheral site for fracture risk assessment.

  • Easy accessibility
  • High trabecular content
  • Weight bearing
  • Proven predictive of hip fracture risk
  • Proven predictive of vertebral fracture status

  • Backed by solid science

    The Achilles ultrasonometer has been proven in prospective studies to predict fracture risk in post-menopausal women, ages 45 to 75+ years. These studies show Achilles to be as effective as DXA of the femur in predicting hip fracture risk.

    Designed to suit your needs

    The Lunar Achilles Express is an automated, self-contained unit with an internal printer. The on-board memory stores up to 100 patient results, which you can review or print at your convenience. Printouts are easily attached to permanent patient records.

    Transport your system easily and safely. Make transport convenient with an optional, soft-sided, wheeled travel bag. Protect your unit during air travel with a custom hard-sided flight case.

    The Achilles OsteoReport is an external PC software option that expands the functionality of the Achilles ultrasonometers. Productivity is increased by keyboard entry of patient and exam information. New patients can be entered or prior exam results retrieved and reviewed at any time.

    Exam results are displayed, stored and printed including measurement values and WHO and Fracture Risk color graphs for easy clinical assessment and visual commun- ication for the patient. The user may select printing of the Exam Results, the Clinical Report or the My Achilles Test documents.

    Patient exam education is provided by My Achilles Test, a text document that can be easily personalized by the clinical facility. Multiple languages can be implemented by the user with a built-in translation tool. The OsteoReport is Windows compatible.

    SmartDry technology keeps the foot dry by using water encapsulated in membranes that conform closely to the patient’s foot and are temperature controlled, reducing variation. This “closed-water system” cleans up easily and requires virtually no maintenance.

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