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GE Achilles Express Bone Ultrasonometer



The GE Achilles Express Bone Ultrasonometer is a compact, reliable, low cost ultrasonometer. The Achilles Express Bone Ultrasonometer low precision error makes it suitable to monitor bone changes. The GE Achilles Express Bone Ultrasonometer is guaranteed to enhance patient care, provide accurate results, and provide simple operation. 


  • Membrane Life: 200 Uses
  • Heel Scan Time: 60 Sec
  • 1 Year Warranty
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GE Lunar Achilles Express Bone Ultrasonometer

Achilles Express reports are concise and easy to interpret. The patient’s result is expressed as a T-score and as a percentage compared to the reference population. The results are also graphed against the reference population. The Achilles ultrasonometer has been proven in prospective studies to predict fracture risk in post-menopausal women, ages 45 to 75+ years. These studies show Achilles to be as effective as DXA of the femur in predicting hip fracture risk.


  • Scanning Site: Heel
  • Scanning method: QUS with SmartDry coupling
  • Membrane life (# of measurements): ~200
  • Membrane color: Tan/thin
  • Heel scan time (seconds): 60
  • QA test duration (seconds): 60
  • Foot positioning: Foot plate (with toe peg)
  • Heel coupling method: alcohol
  • Precision: 2% CV
  • Display: 5.5" b&w LCD (320 x 240 pixels)
  • Touch panel response time: 1X
  • Touch method: finger
  • Image: No
  • Internal printer: 58mm thermal
  • Water replacement:
    • Light Use: 4 1/2 Months
    • Heavy Use: 2 Weeks
  • Data Storage: 100 Patients
  • Weight: 11.5 kg (25.4 lbs)
  • Dimensions: 11" H x 12" W x 22" D
  • Color: Beige over gray