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Cardiology & Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Supplies & Accessories


Cardiology and Radiology Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

At Jaken Medical Inc., we understand the importance of monitoring and maintaining one’s health and therefore offer the latest and greatest, highest quality of cardiology and radiology diagnostic imaging equipment. As any physician, nurse or medical staff member will tell you, using the correct diagnostic medical equipment is vital in monitoring the patient’s overall health as well as properly diagnosing any major health complications.

Kinds of Medical Equipment

Some of the most utilized equipment in the medical field and by our medical clientele is cardiology equipment. Cardiology equipment, as you already know, is a broad term that generally includes everything from defibrillators, spirometers, stress test machines, patient monitors, and EKG machines like the Nihon Kohden 1350A. Similarly, diagnostic imaging equipment is another must for most hospitals, urgent care facilities, chiropractor offices and orthopedic centers. Diagnostic radiology equipment often refers to both new and refurbished machines that are ideal for x-ray or ultrasound images of the body such as GE ultrasound machines like the refurbished GE Vivid I or the GE Logiq series ultrasound machines.

Refurbished Equipment

As briefly mentioned, refurbished equipment is widely used and is always in high demand. Thus, at Jaken Medical Inc., we are proud to distribute refurbished stress test systems, refurbished ultrasound machines and refurbished patient monitors. Other cardiology equipment that is vital in assessing your patient’s overall health include refurbished holter systems, refurbished vital signs monitors, refurbished stress test systems, refurbished treadmills, and more specifically refurbished ekgs like the GE Mac 1200 or GE Mac 5500.

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